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If you need help with the paint on your walls, whether it is interior or exterior, you should definitely consider hiring a professional like Chico's Painting, LLC. As a painting contractor, we can give you the assurance that you need when it comes to painting services. We understand how important it is to do a good job with the output on painting projects as it affects a great deal including curb appeal and property value. You can trust that we always try to give our clients what they want with the services we offer.


The Services We Provide

Exterior and Interior Painting

Exterior and Interior Painting
We understand that painting your interior or exterior would be tiring and this is why we offer our services. You can trust that we, as a professional interior painter, would do a fine job at creating the right ambiance inside your home with the right colors and our exterior painters would handle how people will perceive you and your home from the outside.

Texturing Services

Texturing Services
You would also be able to trust us with texturing services. If you want something simple yet attractive to add to your walls, a little texture would do the trick and our experts know just how to do them properly. Simply let us know what your plans are and expect us to deliver to your complete satisfaction in no time.

Sheetrock Services

Sheetrock Services
We also offer Sheetrock services for those homeowners who want an alternative to drywall or something like it but only lighter and more affordable. We can install this material for you or repair the damaged one that you already have at home. Rest assured that high-quality Sheetrock will be used for every installation job.

Siding and Roofing

Siding and Roofing
You can also count on us for siding and roofing services. Whether you need siding installed, which is a good investment as siding ups the price or value of a property by a lot, or just need some roofing work done, our team of experts would be able to help you out. We can also handle proper repairs for each of these parts.


We also do remodeling services in the event that you want to change how your house looks. Remodeling should be done by experts so that you are assured of completion at a certain date and time. No worries as high-quality construction materials will be used for the remodeling project to ensure it lasts long.


We also provide our clients with a roofing service! A roof is an essential part of any home or building which is why it is just as important that you maintain and have one installed properly. For your roofing needs, trusting a professional would be more beneficial. Whether it is to replace, repair, or maintain your roof, know that our team of experts can handle it.

Power Washing

Power Washing
Power washing is one of the many ways you can keep your property clean. It can remove all types of stubborn dirt and debris than can not only make your home or property look unappealing but it can also quicken the deterioration process which could lead to more costly repairs. Trust our experts to do the power washing for you to ensure safety and quality results.


Why Trust Professionals

If you are wondering why you should hire an exterior or interior painter for your painting projects in Shawnee, KS, then the simple answer to that would be the convenience they can bring. They will not only be able to give you the results you are looking forward to but they would also be providing you with countless other services. You would also no longer need to buy any of the needed tools and products as these professionals would already have them. You can save a lot of time and money when you hire professionals, especially for big projects like these.

Hire Us

As an interior and exterior painting contractor, Chico's Painting, LLC has been providing quality results to our clients for years now. We use the latest tools and equipment that aid us in our services making us more efficient. We are also trained and experienced to ensure that mistakes would be kept to a minimum or avoided at all costs. You would also benefit from how we follow strict schedules, especially when it comes to painting projects.

Are you in search of affordable painters in Shawnee, KS that can do an efficient painting job for your home? Know that you can always count on our services. To know more about the services we offer or if you wish to book one of them, just dial (913) 998-4658 to reach us.

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Worth It!

Definitely worth the investment! I have been meaning to get the paint colors of my interiors changed for years now and I finally found the painting contractor that could give me what I wanted. Quality finishes without all the hassle and fuss of delays and mistakes. Thanks a lot for a job well done!