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Painters Tips on How to Choose the Best Paint Palette  

Many people have an inkling about what they want their homes to look like, however, when it comes to choosing paint colors, things start to get slightly more complicated. So unless you are going to call upon the professional services of a painting contractor such as Chico's Painting, LLC, then you need to read our article if you want to find inspiration.

Finding Inspiration

Do you have a favorite look that you have seen in the magazine? If so, put a sticky note on the page. Make a board of all your favorite ideas, so you know what you like and don’t like.

If there is a certain style you like, take note of it, if you are painting your cabinets, make sure you find the right colors and details, all of this matters and is vital to the first step of finding the right colors.

Deciding on the Look That You Want

Once you have some ideas, the time has come to choose the actual look. Below are some considerations when choosing your painting color:

  • Am I going for a neon palette or more neutral colors?

  • Am I trying to lighten or darken a room?

  • Am I trying to color code the paint to complement the rest of the house?

All of these are questions that need to be asked throughout the duration of the painting process.

Sampling The Paints

Many brands will offer paint samples that you can look at and try out. Maybe you want to choose between two different but similar, shades of blue. You have the option of getting samples, take it. As the last thing that you want is the paint you have bought isn’t what you wanted, and you have wasted money buying the entire bucket.

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