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How to Paint Tall Walls  

So, you have chosen new paint color, gathered your painting supplies, and are now ready to start painting. But, when dealing with tall walls, what is the best way to paint them efficiently and safely without having to resort to hiring a professional interior painter? Simple, by using tools like extension poles and paint rollers, painting tall walls just became a lot easier. There are many painting strategies available that will help you prepare and paint your walls, no matter what their height may be.

Finding a paint extension pole and a roller that are compatible

Extension poles are important to the success of painting tall walls. You can either buy or rent an extension pole from your local hardware store and then find a paint roller that screws into it. Extension poles can cost from $15-$30, and the longer poles are more expensive. Paint rollers will cost you around $10.

Setting up a tall ladder

Put the bottom of your ladder firmly on the floor and make sure it is firmly on the wall. How long the ladder has to be extended will depend on how tall the walls are, however, using an extension ladder is always better. Just make sure that your ladder’s safety features are working the way they should be.

Use spackling if your walls have holes or have rough areas

If your walls are like most and covered with nail holes or other minor imperfections, you will need to apply a spackling compound. When dealing with tiny holes, only use a small amount of spackle and then smooth it with your fingertip. On larger holes, you will need to level the spackle with a quality putty knife. Once it has cured, gently sand it until it is smooth.

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